The Gluten Gourmet

Ok so here you will learn about me .. from what caused me to go gluten free to my current progress of being gluten free.

Some of this is not pretty because it’s a food allergy – that means that sometimes there may be stories where you go “oh my god that’s gross” – yes crapping your pants is disgusting.  But don’t worry I can still eat steak and potatoes!


Launching the site & technology

So on July 1, 2016 I officially announced and launched The Gluten Gourmet.  Very happy with how things came together.  I have a ton more ...
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Why Gluten Free

In 2013 I discovered that I had a gluten allergy.  In retrospect it was very evident that I had a food allergy but it was ...
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About Me

Greetings! My name is Amy Coleman and I am the Gluten Gourmet. I am a foodie.  I love cooking and baking for friends.  In April ...
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