Cranberry & Creamcheese Gluten Free Appetizer

So I was having this holiday party and thought to myself – ok I want to make things that people don’t realize are gluten free.  What could I make that tastes “normal” but is secretly gluten free?  Hmmm well we do cream cheese with cocktail sauce on it & shrimp.  Hmmm my cranberry sauce is left over and sitting in the fridge I wonder …


There are times when I buy brand name things.  Unfortunately cream cheese for baking is one of those times.  Now we aren’t going to bake this cream cheese but it’s all we had in there.  I’m not sure what or who or how but this really is the best there is!


Ok so this is a shot of my Homemade Cranberry Sauce.  This has got to be well let’s just say I love this sauce!


So this is the serving plate that I was going to serve the dish on.  I got out a serving of sauce then I realized we weren’t centered on the plate!  Oops ! LOL

This is the “finished” product.  Let me just say that people come to my home and at first are hesitant to try anything I cook.  Never used to be like that for me so it’s taking some time to get used to it.  I’m gluten free – not fat free or taste free or anything else free.  And the food I eat, will taste just as good if not better then your gluten filled versions!   Let’s just say after watching my mom and I go after this thing like there was no tomorrow suddenly other party goers were going after it too!  They all just LOVED this dish!

  • Cream Cheese & Cranberry Sauce


This is now one of my all time favorites during the holiday season. This is a must have at both Thanksgiving and Christmas! I know it won’t last the entire day with just me and my family there. Definitely something everyone should try at least once!

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