Five Guys: Bacon Cheeseburger & Fries

Five Guys has a fairly simple menu – burgers, hot dogs and fries.
5 Guys Burger 2


The option for eating gluten free is a bowl or lettuce wrap.  I’ve gone lettuce wrap because a burger bowl just doesn’t have the same appeal to me as a burrito or taco bowl does.


5 Guys Burger 1
This is their bacon cheeseburger.  Now if you’ve never been to Five Guys before you should be warned that their hamburger or cheeseburger is TWO patties!  If you just want one patty then order the “little” version.  I got the bacon cheese burger, wrapped in lettuce with grilled onions, pickles and tomatoes.  If you want any condiments they give them too you as a side for you to put on.

5 Guys Frys 1


Five Guys gives you more than enough fries that you can even share an order of fries.  You can get their fries normal or Cajun style.  The Cajun style should be gluten free – but some spices and spice blends contain gluten so please be aware.



  • Five Guys: Burger & Fries


You do need to let them know it’s a lettuce wrap for food allergy. They will change their gloves to try to not cross contaminate your order.

The best thing about Five Guys for me is that they do not serve any type of breaded food like fried chicken or chicken nuggets or fish. Why? That breading is gluten based and can contaminate the oil that the fries cook in.

The tomatoes and pickles on the burger make it juicy that I didn’t need any condiments. I’ve found doing mayo or ketchup on a lettuce wrap burger gets really messy really fast.

The biggest drawback for Five Guys is their pricing. They have been increasing their prices to a point that it’s not “fast food” type of pricing and you don’t get a waitstaff for the price you pay. There are competitors that make just as good or better for a more affordable price.

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