Gluten Free Fudge Mint Bars

Every year on the 4th of July my family would go over to friends house that had a pool. Mom would make Fudge Mint Bars.  One year she didn’t.  The following year she was told that we weren’t welcome if we didn’t have Fudge Mint Bars in hand!  The other thing we had to bring that I made was 7 Layer Dip (South of the Boarder Dip).




The key is using a good Gluten Free Flour.  Red Mill is here shown in the picture – it worked well.  I have since switched to use King Arthur’s for all my baking.  Red Mill is still good – but I have better baking results with King Arthur’s.




This is the base.  It’s a thing cake like consistency.  It’s moist and gewy almost like a brownie.  The pan it’s in is called a jelly roll pan.  It’s only about an inch or so deep.  If you don’t have a jelly roll pan that’s ok to use a 9 x 13 – just know it will be more cake looking and less brownie looking.




As a kid I loved watching mom make this dessert.  I loved watching her put these layers together knowing what the result would be – something just delicious!  With that green it could even be a wonderful St. Paddy’s Day Desert!




I love seeing the Mint Green layer peek out.  The key to this desert is letting it be in the refrigerator so it will set up properly.




Once you’ve let it set up properly in the refrigerator take it out and cut them!  We usually do 2 inch squares.  They don’t need to be big because the flavor is so rich!




  • Fudge Mint Bars


These are always a favorite with people. A sure fired hit before I made them gluten free. The gluten free version is no different!

They are moist and gewy. Rich with chocolate and just the right hint of mint that it’s not too over powering. Even those who don’t care for mint love these!

You can even freeze these and enjoy them later!

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