Glutenfreeda Chicken & Cheese Burrito

If you have kids, teens, or a just a busy person you probably have had burritos in your freezer. Now you or someone is gluten free and those frozen burritos aren’t cheap!




We all need those freezer burritos for either a quick meal or snack.




Follow the directions – wrap in a paper towel.




Now enjoy ?  Well what’s left of the burrito to enjoy …

  • GlutenFreeda Burito


Ok so I really wanted this to work out. The taste wasn’t bad but I lost half my burito to the paper towel. They aren’t big in size at all and the ends got over cooked.

Would they do in a pinch sure. But I’ve found other brands that seem to work better and are more affordable. Or you can make home made burritos that are more filling, tasty and affordable.

For me this is not worth the cost.

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