Hidden Gluten

Many people try to give up gluten but aren’t aware of the hidden gluten.  Many foods contain items that are made from gluten items.  When you start reading food labels you will be surprised at where all of this hides.

The key to truly going gluten free, at least during the elimination diet phase, is to cut all of it out – even the hidden gluten.  Many of you won’t want to do it when you see the list it may overwhelm you.  Don’t let it! Please make sure you have read the food labels article.  That is going to be your key to finding the hidden gluten in food items.

The following ingredients and additive can include gluten.   Some may say that they don’t.  If you’re unsure, check the labels or contact the manufacturer for detailed production information.   Remember only wheat has to be labeled on food items!



Blue Cheese

Brown rice syrup (if barley malt enzyme is used)

Buckwheat flour and soba noodles (if combined with wheat)

Caramel coloring (made from barley malt enzymes)




Dispersing agents (i.e., cellulose, citric acid)


Excipients (added to prescription medications to achieve desired consistency)

Extracts (in grain alcohol)


Flavorings (in grain alcohol)

Flours, breads, cereals, crackers, pasta, sauces and condiments made with the primary gluten source grains or their derivatives

Gran alcohol (beer, ale, rye, scotch, bourbon, grain vodka)

Homeopathic remedies

Hydrolyzed protein, hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP), hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)

Malt or malt flavoring (barley malt)

Modified starch, modified food starch (when derived from wheat)

Mono – and diglycerides (made using a wheat-starch carrier)

Oils (wheat germ oil and any oil with gluten additives)


Soy Sauce (when fermented using wheat – Tamari is gluten free & tastes the same!)

Spices (if contain anti-caking ingredients)

Starch (made from primary gluten source grains)

Vegetable gum (when made from oats)

Vegetable protein

Vinegars (distilled clear and white or with a mash starter)

Vitamin E oil


Other tips are that eating fresh, non-processed foods will be your best bet.  If you aren’t sure if something may contain hidden gluten use the old rule of thumb – If in doubt, leave it out!  This means if you aren’t absolutely certain that the food is gluten free, no hidden gluten either, then don’t eat it.

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