Home Made

You or someone you love is gluten free but now you are wondering what the heck are you going to cook?  Anything and everything that you did before – you just need to make some alterations.  Seriously.  There is no reason being gluten free you can’t enjoy foods that you once loved, you just need to learn a new way of preparing / cooking them.

Now let me caution you, some people will say oh if you are gluten free you are vegan.  Some people are – I’m not.  Some will tell you to give up dairy – I discuss that in another section.  Basically if there are ingredients in my recipes that you can’t have – put in a substitution.  Email me what you did and how it worked.  I’ll share it here for others to enjoy too!

Basically, you need to be courageous and experiment with food.  I was like that before I was gluten free so for me this was not a difficult transition.  I hope that the foods you find in this section you and your loved ones enjoy!