Appetizers or finger foods are a favorite of mine.  Like the rest of America I’m a Buffalo Wing fan.  Lucky for me I was looking for a recipe for Wings about 6 months before going gluten free and fell in love with this recipe that as it turns out is gluten free.  I love chips and dips – but many of the dips have gluten.  Oh and who doesn’t love little meat balls?


Onion Dip – Homemade & GF!

How many times do you go to parties and you want so badly to have chips and dip and can’t because no one knows who ...
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Cranberry & Creamcheese Gluten Free Appetizer

So I was having this holiday party and thought to myself – ok I want to make things that people don’t realize are gluten free ...
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Onion Dip

So most people don’t realize that gluten hides in all kinds of over the counter items.  If you’ve ever had the Lipton’s Onion Soup mix ...
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Gluten Free 7 Layer Dip (South of the Boarder Dip)

There are two titles 7 Layer Dip but when I was growing up we called it South of the Boarder Dip.  It’s got all of ...
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Guacamole is not only easy to make but a very healthy snack!  It’s a great topper to your favorite Mexican dishes.  I even put it ...
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Buffalo Wings

So if you live in America Buffalo Wings have become the thing.  Just about every local bar or pub has them on the menu.  Most ...
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