Gluten Free Hot Dogs with BUNS!

So I love baseball and going to a game meant getting a hot dog.  Being gluten free I had to give that up.  I’ve found great gluten free dogs but never any real buns, until now!


Schar US_Hot Dog Rolls_2015

This is the Schar brand.  I can find this brand at my local Sprouts (it’s like a Whole Foods or natural / health food type of store) and at Albertson’s.  Sprouts has a better price on them than Albertson’s I’ve found.    The Schar brand is one that has NOT disappointed – Ever.  They get 5 out of 5 stars for this product!



Hebrew National

These franks don’t have gluten in them.  YES hot dogs can have gluten in them because it’s a filler.  I go with the Hebrew National quarter pound dog because it fills up this bun.  Also, there are 4 franks & 4 buns – it’s perfect!




So I put the bun in the toaster oven and toast it because I enjoy a nicely toasted bun.  If you don’t – then eat it just the way it is.




Top with your favorite condiments – yes I like ketchup on my franks – no I don’t like mustard but you go ahead and put it on yours if you do! In this particular instance I had cooked my frank on the stove in some water.  You can BBQ, cook or microwave these franks.

The best part is that if you only have 1 or 2 gluten free eaters in your house you can FREEZE these individually.  So wrap each remaining bun in saran wrap.  Wrap your remaining franks in foil.  Put into a freezer zip lock bag.  Now you have the combo ready to take out and go to your next BBQ!


  • Hewbrew National Frank & Schar Bun


The Hebrew National brand never disappoints. This frank is hearty and filling. Juicy and flavorful.

The Schar brand of bread is by far the best gluten free brand I’ve found on the market. Yet again they did not let me down with these buns!

They both freeze well and reheat very well. You will not be disappointed with this!

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