Gluten Free Hot Dogs with BUNS!

So I love baseball and going to a game meant getting a hot dog.  Being gluten free I had to give that up.  I’ve found great gluten free dogs but never any real buns, until now!


Schar US_Hot Dog Rolls_2015

This is the Schar brand.  I can find this brand at my local Sprouts (it’s like a Whole Foods or natural / health food type of store) and at Albertson’s.  Sprouts has a better price on them than Albertson’s I’ve found.    The Schar brand is one that has NOT disappointed – Ever.  They get 5 out of 5 stars for this product!



Hebrew National

These franks don’t have gluten in them.  YES hot dogs can have gluten in them because it’s a filler.  I go with the Hebrew National quarter pound dog because it fills up this bun.  Also, there are 4 franks & 4 buns – it’s perfect!




So I put the bun in the toaster oven and toast it because I enjoy a nicely toasted bun.  If you don’t – then eat it just the way it is.




Top with your favorite condiments – yes I like ketchup on my franks – no I don’t like mustard but you go ahead and put it on yours if you do! In this particular instance I had cooked my frank on the stove in some water.  You can BBQ, cook or microwave these franks.

The best part is that if you only have 1 or 2 gluten free eaters in your house you can FREEZE these individually.  So wrap each remaining bun in saran wrap.  Wrap your remaining franks in foil.  Put into a freezer zip lock bag.  Now you have the combo ready to take out and go to your next BBQ!


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