Jason’s Deli: Roast Beef Sandwich

I love sandwiches!  The hardest part of going gluten free is the bread and being a sandwich lover!


Jason’s Deli serves their sandwiches on gluten free bread!



Tip: toast the gluten free bread (especially when dining out) as it may fall apart if you don’t.



They use Udi’s bread which you can buy and have at home if you like it.  A great way to try the bread before spending money on a loaf that you don’t like!  Or check out my pantry reviews on bread!


  • Jason's Deli - Roast Beef Sandwich


GREAT sandwich.

The staff is very knowledgeable and know the difference between food allergy and just a diet choice.

This is a place you can go with your friends and enjoy a good sandwich and other things. I will caution, they have a salad bar and if you are ceiliac or gluten allergy I would avoid due to cross contamination could be an issue.

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