Pantry Items

Pantry Items are all those things from stuff in your pantry – ok not everyone has a house with a pantry so your cupboards – to your freezer.  We all have staples we should have on hand.  Let’s face it, if you want your money to go further you need to plan and shop and stock up some things.  No this doesn’t mean that you are a Zombie Apocalypse or Dooms Day Prepper.  Let’s face it – if you were you’d have a walk in pantry and half your garage already set up with food storage.


These are things like pastas, flours, soups, crackers, granola bars, cereal, preserved foods, Eggo Waffles, chips … wait I’m digressing but you get what I mean.


Some of these gluten free things taste like cardboard and others taste worse than cardboard.  These things aren’t cheap either.  Who wants to drop $6 on a box of crackers that is a quarter of what you get from a gluten filled box and now it tastes like how Uncle Buck smells after chopping 5 cords of wood and carrying it by hand back to the cabin.  Now with that said, there are going to be some people who may enjoy that flavor and that’s great for them.