Range Cafe: Steak

I had a very good friend come into town who was willing to try a new restaurant.  So we went to Bernalillo, New Mexico (not far from where I live) to try the Ranch Cafe.  It is a local restaurant and were said to have great New Mexican Cuisine along with gluten free.

So I ordered a steak dish.  It was served with black beans with Jack Cheese  mixed vegetables, and New Mexico Green Chili.  I also had my first Sour / Green Apple Martini.




Tips for eating locally (not a national chain):

  • Ask!  I’m sure you’ve met others who are gluten free so ask your friends / family.
  • Go on line and check out their menu!
  • Call ahead of time to see if they have gluten free options
  • Range Cafe: Steak Dinner


The martini was great – I had a second one.

The steak was cooked perfectly. The vegetables were steamed just perfect – still crispy – not over cooked. The black beans were seasoned yet creamy with the cheese. Normally I don’t order the green chili. In fact, I had ordered it on the side but it came on the plate any way. It was very tasty and not as spicy as other chili I’ve had. It wasn’t bad.

This is definitely a place I would recommend to locals or tourists.

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