Tyson: Gluten Free Chicken Breast Strips

Tyson makes many foods that you can find in the freezer section.  They have added gluten free items to the freezer section too!


Chicken Tenders


Tyson’s Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast Strips.  I followed the directions on the packaging to prepare the food properly.  I had gluten free BBQ sauce that I dipped the strips in.


  • Tyson: GF Chicken Breast Strips


The instructions gave you the options of baking or microwave. I choose to bake because that usually gives things a nice crisp to it – especially if they are breaded.

It worked in this case. These are lightly breaded and cook up wonderfully. The chicken meat is breast meat that is tender and moist.

I dipped them in gluten fee BBQ sauce.

They were very yummy.

This is an item I’d say everyone should have in their freezer – especially if you have kids that are gluten free.

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