Village Pizza: Cheese Pizza

Village Pizza is a local pizza shop that my family has enjoyed eating at.  Like other pizza places you can eat it there or order it to go.  They also offer a discount for take and bake.  This is where you take it home and bake the pizza in your own oven and makes your entire house smell like yummy pizza.




The key to finding a local gluten free pizza is to simply call ahead and ask your favorite pizzeria and ask if they have a gluten free option.  Start out with a plain cheese pizza to try it.  Then add toppings – too many toppings can make it difficult to cook the pizza all the way through or can make the crust get soggy.



  • Gluten Free Pizza: Village Pizza


This pizzeria makes it’s own crusts, except for the gluten free. Village pizza orders their gluten free crust from Udi’s. The brand is reputable and not bad.

The crust cooks up just fine. It’s not quite like the pizza that you have with gluten but it’s definitely doable.

What really makes a pizza is the sauce, spices and cheese. Village Pizza has a good sauce, spice and cheese blend.

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