BBQ & Being Gluten-Free

BBQ Gluten-Free can be a challenge for some.

BBQ Gluten-Free

Having food allergies can sometimes make cooking challenging. We all must be good at reading labels and knowing what is in ingredients – and that is often difficult to do. It’s summertime and that means BBQing for many folks. The smoke flavor and caramel color can create problems for people who have allergies to gluten. If you aren’t allergic – ignore this and eat which every BBQ sauce you want because a tiny bit of gluten is not going to kill you. However, if you are allergic – this could be a huge thing for you!

I have changed away from these two because at times I have issues. Until I ran into G Hughes Sugar-Free Sauce – YUMMY! Get it at Walmart – yes Walmart! I know that Smith’s and Albertsons also carry it as well. I have found I don’t get sick when I eat this brand of BBQ sauce. Even though they use smoke and caramel in it! I call this a win-win!

This sauce is delicious as well as gluten-free. If you are going to BBQ this summer, you should get a bottle, to try!

Can’t wait to have BBQ Chicken!

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