Sliced Blacken Chicken

Blackened Chicken

Blackened Chicken Gluten-Egg-Free is easy to make as well as tastes delicious.

Blackened Chicken

Blackened Chicken is a fancy way to say chicken that has spices on it and is cooked. It is extremely easy to make chicken this way.  What makes it blackened is the cooking of the chicken.

Blackened Chicken

Take the raw chicken you have out of the fridge. I always clean my chicken before prepping it for cooking. To clean your chicken run lukewarm water over the chicken. Rub both sides, with clean hands, to make sure you get the chicken clean.

On a cutting board or plate place a paper towel and the raw chicken breast. Make sure to dry both sides of the chicken. You may need more than one paper towel to make sure the chicken is dry.

Next, get out your olive oil or other types of cooking oil. I cook with olive oil mostly. Can use avocado or another nut type of oil. It will work as well if you only have cooking oil.

The cleaned and dry chicken breast pours about a teaspoon of oil over the chicken breast. Make sure you coat both sides of the chicken. Salt and pepper on both sides of the chicken to taste. This is where you can cut back on salt if you need to do that.

Sliced Blacken Chicken

Cooking the Chicken

You can use a BBQ grill to cook your chicken or a George Foreman Grill. Now before you say you can’t BBQ, the George Foreman Grill (GF Grill) anyone can use. It is a must-have tool for me in my kitchen. You can make a lot of things on the GF Grill.

The grill is hot put the chicken on. If you are using the GF Grill it will cook both sides at the same time, so make sure to watch your cooking time. When you use a BBQ grill you will have to flip the chicken and cook both sides.

When the chicken is done cooking let it sit for about three to five minutes. The chicken will still be hot enough to eat. It will taste great and be juicy. If you need to slice the chicken, after it has set, then cut it. Are you struggling with how to slice the chicken then turn or rotate the chicken and try to slice the chicken? It should be easy to cut or slice.

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