Chipotle: Bowl

Chipotle Bowl Gluten-Free is always a wonderful thing to have for lunch or dinner.

Chipotle Bowl Gluten-Free

Chipotle is a wonderful place to eat because of the choices.  Before going gluten-free I had switched over to getting a bowl with my tortilla on the side.   Now, I just don’t get the tortilla on the side.  I just get a side of guacamole and lime-salt corn chips.

Chipotle Bowl with Guacamole and Chips


Chipotle does have corn tortillas that you can get on the side with your bowl if you would like. Just make sure that you ask for them. You can also grab a bag of chips to go with your bowl as well. 


Chipotle Bowl

This bowl has pinto beans, steak, fajita veggies, fresh tomato salsa. roasted chili-corn salsa, lettuce, guacamole, and cheese.

Chipotle Bowl with Guacamole and Chips


The important thing about the bowls is that they give you a lid so you can always eat part of your bowl and save the rest for later.  With the lettuce and guacamole on the bowl it doesn’t “re-heat” well.  I do eat leftovers cold like it’s a taco salad.

UPDATE: Now, I do not get bowls with cheese on them because of my dairy allergy. You can ask that the servers change their gloves. Chipotle will also have them change the spoons in addition to dishing up out of a new serving tray to help prevent cross contamination. They will be the server that will serve you throughout the building the bowl process. 


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