Cowboy Fries Gluten-Free

Gluten-Free Cowboy Fries

Gluten-Free Cowboy Fries are a great way to make something that will hit the spot on a chilly evening.

Gluten-Free Cowboy Fries

This is going to be a hit with your meat and potato crowd.  I found this early on in my gluten-free searching and it quickly has become a regular.  This is a dish that hits on a chilly night, when you want junk food, or you just need something quick and easy.


Meat and Onion Mixture.

You would never know this is ground turkey meat!


If you like peppers or mushrooms you could sauté them with the onions and garlic.  That would add more flavor and bulk to this meal.  Make sure to salt and pepper while it’s cooking. This is the key to making sure the flavors of the food come out. 


Orida French Fries

French Fries getting ready to become delicious.


Frozen French Fries

The French Fries are still frozen.  Make sure if you choose to not use Ore-Ida that you check the package about ingredients.  Not all frozen French Fries are gluten free.  Some of Ore-Ida’s have gluten as well. Make sure you are reading the ingredients labels. 


Meat and Potatoes Cowboy French Fries

Meat and Potatoes Cowboy French Fries look so delicious.


Cover the fries with your cooked meat.  If you have given up beef you can use ground turkey just the same with all the seasonings.  We often use ground turkey. You cannot taste a difference between beef and turkey if you use your seasonings. 


Ready to Bake Cowboy French Fries

These Cowboy French Fries are ready to bake.


Top and Bake


Top with your cheeses.  We will use Pepper Jack sometimes for a little extra kick.  This one in the photos has Pepper Jack in it!  You could mix up the cheeses really.  If you like spicy you could add some sliced jalapeno.

Dairy-free people need to use goat-milk-based cheeses. You can get mozzarella, cheddar, and jack cheese all made from goat’s milk. If you have not tried it yet, try it on this dish because you won’t be disappointed with this dish. 


Baked Cowboy French Fries

Hot out of the oven Cowboy French Fries will please everyone!


Bake according to the package for the fries.  If it says 18-20 do the longer time (the 20 minutes).  If the cheese isn’t melted or melted to your liking, then bake a few minutes more. Using goat-milk cheese it may take you a little longer to bake. 


Cowboy French Fries

Finished Cowboy French Fries.

The Finished Product

Dish up and enjoy!  If you are a parent and think ok great but I need to get something like a vegetable in there you could serve a salad on the side or try to put some green beans or broccoli in before you top it with cheese. Just make sure the vegetables are bite sized when you put it in to bake. If you are trying to get veggies into your children if they have a favorite just cook it to serve on the side. Baking the vegetables in with the meat and potatoes and topping it with cheese will help the fussy eaters enjoy it more. 

Alternatives to Cowboy French Fries

Topping these with sour cream (for those dairy lovers out there) would be fine. My mom enjoys that, I do not. You could even do another take on Cowboy French Fries, Taco Cowboy French Fries. Add taco seasoning to your meat when cooking the meat. Adding peppers would also be welcomed for Taco Cowboy French Fries. Serve with chopped green onions, chopped tomatoes, sour cream (non-dairy sour cream), and guacamole. It would be like nachos but with a French Frie base.  


Cowboy Fries
  • 1 Bag Ore-Ida French Fries
  • 1 Pound Ground Beef
  • 1-2 Tablespoon Butter
  • 1 Medium Onion Yellow or White, chopped
  • 1 Clove Garlic Pressed
  • 8 oz Sharp Cheddar Cheese Grated
  • 8 oz Monterrey Jack Cheese Grated
  • Salt To Taste
  • Pepper To Taste
  1. Pre heat oven to temperature on French Fry bag.
  2. In a fry pan melt butter and saute fresh garlic and onion together.
  3. Add ground beef. When cooked drain off any excess fat.
  4. In a baking dish cover the dish with french fries.
  5. Put meat over top of french fries.
  6. Top with cheeses.
  7. Bake for the amount of time on the french fry package. If cheese isn't melted bake until it's melted.
Recipe Notes

Sometimes we do Pepper Jack and give it a little kick!




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