Dining Out

Dining Out gluten-free dairy-free egg-free meals can be a challenge to find a good place to eat.


Dining Out

Red Lobster Steak and Seafood Gluten-Free

Dining Out Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Egg-Free

It’s your birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion that you want to celebrate. Worse yet you are not gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free but the person you want to take out for one of those occasions is.  Now you are like what is tasty food that we can eat?

Well, first, you need to decide what kind of food do you want?  Do you want something that’s more of a Sit Down to enjoy conversation?  Do you want something quick or “fast food” or something that you can take back to your house or office?

Sit Down 

Restaurants where you are seated by a host/ess and have a waitstaff take your order, serves you your order, and checks on you through your dining experience. There are places that have gluten-free menus when you go. Outback Steakhouse is a favorite of mine. Just make sure you tell your waitstaff that you have food allergies is the key. 

On The Go 

For places that you could eat there but someone takes your order, then you wait for it.  It’s something quick. We often may think of as “fast food” or along those lines. A favorite is Pei Wei