Glutenfreeda Chicken & Cheese Burrito

Frozen Burrito Gluten-Free made by Glutenfreeda with chicken and cheese.

Frozen Burrito Gluten-Free

If you have kids, teens, or a just a busy person you have had burritos in your freezer. Now you or someone is gluten-free, and those frozen burritos aren’t cheap!

Frozen Burrito

Glutenfreeda Gluten-Free Burrito Chicken & Cheese.

We all need those freezer burritos for either a quick meal or snack.


Follow the directions – wrap in a paper towel.


Now enjoy?  Well, what’s left of the burrito to enjoy …

This was by far not an enjoyable meal for me. The burrito did not re-heat well in the microwave. The flavor of the burrito was not good either. Sorry to say this, but I would not recommend this burrito to anyone. 

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