Ganache Gluten-Dairy-Egg-Free

Ganache Gluten-Dairy-Egg-Free homemade recipe that is quick and easy.

Ganache Topping


Ganache Gluten-Dairy-Egg-Free

It’s a French word. Some think it is scary sounding or too fancy or hard to make.  It sounds fancy. The delicious taste, that many are afraid to make it.  It’s EXTREMELY easy to make.

There are only two ingredients to making ganache. Milk and Chocolate. There will be people who will tell you they use cream. You can use cream. There are people who will tell you they only use a certain type of chocolate. The bottom line is that it is chocolate and milk melted together. 

Ganache is made in a way that seems challenging to people. Once you learn how to do it, it will not be challenging to you. When you taste the chocolatey goodness that is this type of frosting or topping for desserts you will wonder what you were doing not using this recipe. 



There is a tablespoon of butter that I melted in originally. It will add a creamer taste if that is what you desire.

Melting the Chocolate

The key is to melt the chocolate. I have developed my skills to a point where I know the melting point of chocolate and can use my microwave to melt the chocolate. Due to my allergy to cow’s milk, I use almond milk as a substitute. I also use almond milk creamer. 

The basic recipe is to melt the cholate, but you do not melt it completely. I recommend starting your ganache making skills by melting your chocolate on the stove top. You can use any type of chocolate. I recommend using chocolate chips. Either semi-sweet chocolate chips or dark chocolate chips. 




To melt the chocolate on the stove top you should use a double boiler. Do not let this scare you. It’s a pot with water that you bring to a boil with a second pot on top that has the chocolate in it. Stir the chocolate as it melts. 

If you do not have a double boiler, you can make one at home. Take a pot and put water in it. Bring the water to a boil. Get a bowl that is slightly bigger than the pot to put the chocolate in. 

You can use a microwave

You can use the microwave to melt your chocolate. If you are using chocolate chips, melt the chocolate until they are still in chip form but are begging to melt. The time in the microwave is about 20 seconds. Take them out of the microwave and then stir. Continue to stir until all the chocolate is melted. Then add your milk or milk alternative while stirring. Keep stirring until the mixture shines. 




At first you won’t see the shine, keep stirring. You will think you are stirring for a long time, but you really aren’t. Keep stirring. Then when you see the shine, you can stop. 

Pour over ice cream, cake, cheesecake, cookies, or even dip strawberries or fruit in it. 


Prep Time
1 min
Cook Time
15 mins
Microwave Time Cooking
1 min

This is a quick chocolate topping for any type of dessert.

Course: Dessert
Keyword: almond creamer, almond milk, chocolate, chocolate chips, creamer, ganache, milk
Servings: 1 serving
  • 1/4 cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips Dark Chocolate Chips
  • 2 Tbsp Milke or Almond Milk
  1. Melt the chocolate chips until they are partially melted.

  2. Stir the chocolate off of the heat until the chocolate melts completely.

  3. Add the Milk or Almond Milk.

  4. Stir until the chocolate mixture shines.

  5. Top the dessert of your choice.