Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce Gluten-Dairy-Egg-Free recipe is the best at holiday time.

So, I decided that I had frankly had enough of buying stuff at the store that had “hidden gluten” in it.  I thought how hard can it be to make homemade Cranberry Sauce that is Gluten-Dairy-Egg-Free?  Can’t be all that difficult, right?  Well, it’s NOT!

So, this is the pot with my cranberries, pineapple juice, orange zest, sugar, and spices in.  I mixed it all in and then brought it to a boil.

This is a picture of the cranberries as they are starting to burst open.  They will make a popping noise so just know you are doing it right!

They will still be a bright red color and if you taste it at this point you will think “oh I’m missing something” but don’t despair! You aren’t missing a thing.  Just keep on cooking! Trust me … just keep on cooking!

Suddenly, the color will change.  Now notice the color between this photo and the one below it.  The one below it is the finished one.  Most won’t be able to see it but there are still some “bright” red cranberries in the photo above.

Next, there will be a sudden change in color and texture.  It will be a little like jam.  I’m sure if you wanted to turn this into a jam just adding gluten free gelatin would do the trick!

This is my cranberry sauce used as an appetizer over cream cheese.  OMG this is SOOO delicious!

This was our Christmas Holiday Dinner – Ham, Broccoli Salad, Cranberry Salad, Potatoes, and the best part – Cranberry Sauce!

This was the best desert all holiday season last year! My cheesecake with a nice little valley to fill with the cranberry sauce was scrumptious!

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