Homemade Pizza Gluten-Egg-Free

Homemade Pizza Gluten-Egg-Free with Goat Cheese may not sound good to you, but to me, it is delicious! 

Homemade Pizza Gluten-Egg-Free

I enjoy pizza—the melted cheese, sauce, and crust. Then you add meat and veggies to a pizza. Watch out! For some people, it will be all about what toppings are on the pizza. One thing is certain, you must have a good crust and sauce, or your pizza will not taste good.

Foundation or Crust of Pizza

We all have a favorite type of crust we like—thin crust, thick crust, or somewhere in the middle. When you are gluten-free, you are limited on what type of crust you can have unless you make pizza at home.

The crust is the foundation of the pizza. It would be best if you had a crust that can hold the sauce and the toppings. Do you want a limp crust, a crispy crust, or somewhere in between? This will vary from person to person. This will depend on how long you cook the pizza. Cook the pizza longer if you want a crisp crust. 

Due to being gluten-free, I have found using Schar Pizza Crust to be my crust of choice. It’s the right thickness for me. The flavor on it is good. It reheats well. 

Sauce is Money

Before you go, she’s crazy not going to listen to any more of this and click away, read what I have to say. The sauce works with the crust to provide a foundation for anything from simple cheese pizza to many toppings. If your sauce is not seasoned or done well, your pizza will taste like crap, frankly. This is the make-or-break moment of homemade pizza, which sauce to use.

Newmanns Own Marinara Sauce

Personally, I enjoy the flavor of Paul Newman’s Marinara Pasta Sauce on my pizza. What? A pasta sauce used, not on pasta! Yep, because it tastes good. This is where you can use whatever sauce you want. 

Sauce on Crust for Pizza

Toppings on Pizza

Goat Cheese is what I use as cheese due to an allergy to Cow’s Cheese. Trust me when I say it was hard finding out about this allergy (my family is from Wisconsin). If you can eat cheese from a cow, please do. If you cannot have cow’s cheese, try goat cheese.

Mozzarella Goat Cheese

Now, before you go ‘ewe gross,’ try it. They do have Mozzarella made from goat’s milk. It will be more expensive than cow’s cheese if you are in the United States. I am not sure how affordable it will be elsewhere (send me an email to let me know!). 

Toppings on Pizza

This is the last tip to making homemade pizza that I find the key to good homemade pizza. You put your toppings like sausage, pepperoni, ham, or vegetables on the sauce BEFORE you put the cheese on your pizza. Again, these are up to your preferences. 

Pizza is Delicious

The cheese will melt over the top of the toppings to the crust turning golden brown that tastes wonderful. You can have a side salad with the pizza or just a cold beer or a soda. My family says I make better pizza than they can get at a pizza shop.


The key to good pizza is the crust, sauce, and order you put the toppings on the pizza. It takes longer to prepare items for the making of pizza than it does to cook it. Once you have the crust and sauce figured out, you will be all set to have homemade pizza any time.

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