Range Cafe: Steak

Range Cafe Steak Dinner Gluten-Free was good eating.

Range Cafe Steak Diner Gluten-Free

I had an incredibly good friend come into town who was willing to try a new restaurant.  So we went to Bernalillo, New Mexico (near to where I live) to try the Ranch Cafe.  It is a local restaurant. It was said to have great New Mexican Cuisine along with gluten-free.

So, I ordered a steak dish.  It was served with black beans with Jack Cheese mixed vegetables, and New Mexico Green Chili.  I also had my first Sour / Green Apple Martini, which was delicious!




Tips for eating locally (not a national chain):

  • Ask!  I’m sure you’ve met others who are glute-free so ask your friends / family.
  • Go online and check out their menu!
  • Call ahead of time to see if they have gluten-free options

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