The Gluten Gourmet

Revitalizing my site & dreams!

Revitalizing my site and dreams to really show you what and how I cook the food I eat.

The Gluten Gourmet

Revitalizing My Site and Dreams

So, as you all know I am allergic to gluten – if you want the details go read About Me!

I love to cook, travel, and write. In 2017 I decided to go back to college to finish my degree. Originally, I was a Math major and have been an analyst in the past. I got sick the first week of school in January 2018 and had to drop Calc 2 (had already taken it before). I went to talk with a counselor and ask if there were other majors I could investigate. My mother asked me “your ultimate goal is to be a writer; can’t you get a degree to do that?” Well, talked with people and applied to the UNM Liberal Arts Department. In this department, plan out my course path. Yes, you read that right – I get to choose my course path. My degree will be a BA in Mythical Composing from UNM. For those who don’t know, a fiction writer is what that translates into. I will graduate in May of 2020, so I’m about to start my final senior year. I am opening my own consulting business for writing, editing, social media management, excel spreadsheets, etc. (What? I am good with excel and can’t leave skills out there!)

The other new thing is that I have found out I am allergic to eggs – chicken eggs.  I have found a few things out about eggs and will post that soon so check back!

This summer I’m taking a Social Media Marketing class and wow! So, I decided to use this website and let’s get this going! I will post cooking and traveling stuff here – why? Because I like both! Because traveling with food allergies can be “challenging” if you don’t know what and where to look for things!


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