Carl’s Jr / Green Burrito: Steak Street Tacos

Steak Street Tacos Gluten-Free

Steak Street Tacos Gluten-Free

Carl’s Jr (Hardee’s in other parts of the United States) has partnered with Green Burrito.  So, when you go to get a burger, you can also get some Mexican food.


GB Steak Street Tacos


This is the Steak Street Taco.  It’s a corn tortilla, charbroiled steak, onion, cilantro, and avocado sauce.  It’s wrapped in a piece of foil to keep it warm.  Please know that the steak street tacos are the only version of tacos that is labeled as gluten free on their menu.   There are steak super nachos that are gluten free.   Those are the only two options – but better than nothing!


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