Applebee’s: Bourbon St. Chicken & Shrimp

Applebee’s is a national chain restaurant that does offer gluten free items.  I ordered the Bourbon St. Chicken & Shrimp with a side house salad with Thousand Island dressing.



The key to making the salads work for you is to order them with out croutons.  Make sure you ask if the salads are pre-made or assembled as ordered.  You don’t want them to pick off croutons – that would have contaminated the salad.  The salad is lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese, and onion.  They had a list of dressings and I choose Thousand Island.




This is the Bourbon St. Chicken & Shrimp with roasted potatoes and sauteed onions and mushrooms.  I substituted mashed potatoes in for the roasted potatoes and had them hold the mushrooms.





  • Applebee's: Bourbon St. Chicken & Shrimp


Applebee’s are common across the country. I’ve been to several from the West Coast, Southwest, to the Midwest. The staff all seem aware of food allergies and are willing to work with you.

The chicken and shrimp taste great. They are juicy and seasoned very well. The potatoes were creamy and smooth. The sauteed onions cooked just right before being caramelized – so perfect for me!

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