Sit Down

Sit down dining can be everything from a restaurant where you have a waitstaff to something fast food like.  Hey fast food places have places for you to sit down and eat – not just drive in your car inhaling that artificial meat you just got.  However, here it’s going to generally mean eating establishments where you have a waitstaff person ask what you want and bring your food too you.  No, this does not mean they are your personal slave.


If you have a food allergy – give the wait staff a chance to properly serve you.  If you are with someone who has a food allergy please allow them to be a grown up and inform the waitstaff.  Ok if the person with you is your 5 year old kid then of course inform them but when it’s your 45 year old co-worker, you don’t need to shout it out like it’s a PSA.


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