Welcome to The Gluten Gourmet!

Now before you say, gosh I can’t do gourmet cooking, let’s clear a few things up.  When you go Gluten Free due to medical reasons (not because you are a fad dieter) it’s really out of necessity.  For many, the thought of eating cardboard is really not yummy.  Site after site I found people talking about going gluten free and giving up flavor and dishes that they’ve loved.  I read site after site of this doom and gloom of what is wrong with people’s health and stuff.

I really was looking for something that would tell me hey these crackers taste like card board or this bread is amazing or here is how I can have pasta and not feel like I’m missing out!  Sure I have health issues and there is a spot you can hear about those fun times if you want.

This site is geared for those who have to give up gluten (not other things like sugar, dairy and the like) and still have others who can eat gluten to feed.

What has helped me the most was focusing on what I CAN have – not what I can’t have!

I have a sarcastic sense of humor and don’t usually hold things back. So, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and poke around my site.

If you want to see something not listed or you love something that I’ve shared please feel free to drop me a note (<– Click the link)!


The Gluten Gourmet